Name: Redstone Rank!
Price: 10.00 USD

The Redstone Rank comes with a stand-out bold, red prefix, the features of the Iron rank, along with many unique features not in the other ranks!Iron Rank benefits

Note in order to gain the following benefits you must include link your Discord account to our fourms, this can be done here purchase of this rank.

On Purchase Items: (One Time)

    • 1 Pterodactyl key
    • 1 Raptor Key
    • $2000 In-game Cash

Donor Perks:

    • Stand-out, light red prefix in chat
    • All features from the Iron rank
    • Redstone Kit
    • /trails
    • In-Game Prefix Redstone |
    • 4 /sethomes
    • Auction House [/ah] buy| sell and bid limit : 4
    • Player Vault limit: 3 /pv

Discord Role benefits

  • Redstone Role
  • Access to donators channel
  • Change Nickname