Name: Single-Time Unmute
Price: 14.00 USD

This package will unmute you from the network once and is NOT repurchasable.
Purchasing this package while not muted in game will not do anything. It is your job to ensure this package will be effective on your mute.

    • Unbans and unmutes are *single time*, every player can only buy one of these and if they are banned again, they won't be able to buy another one. We do not encourage people to hack, nor do we want to provide players with a way to hack continuously in exchange for money, as it would clearly be detrimental to the other players' experience.
    • -Blacklisted players, as well as dox/ddos threat bans and any other custom punishment and ipban *cannot make use of the unban*. This is to avoid toxic players who have caused major issues in the past from getting back on, and discouraging any sort of similar activity happening in the future.
    • -Appealing a ban the regular way is *still possible, for free*. This deals with any of you who might wonder what happens with players who get erroneously banned having to pay to get it lifted, *they don't have to*, and if the ban is false, chances are it gets removed right away.
    • -*Make sure to check if your ban/mute fits the requirements of the package!* We currently do not have a way to check if a player is eligible beforehand, thus the system will allow the purchase to go through and the unban fail thereafter.
    • -We want to do this right and not let this be a way to raise toxicity in the network. We do reserve the right to make the eligibility criteria more stringent as we find new cases where an unban should not be granted in exchange for money.